Monday, March 28, 2011

nickels and anchors

I haven't done a wardrobe post in a long time, and I really haven't taken any shots of my outfits lately, but I happened to get some pictures at a nickel arcade in Chicago last weekend.


I made Matt stop taking pictures of my slack-jawed concentration face and catch my outfit.

dress - Zara in Tokyo
tights and cardigan - Target
boots - Good Style

The arcade was the greatest place to spend the afternoon!  Tetris and PacMan for free and skee ball for nickels.  My dress was perfectly comfortable for playing skee ball and had great big pockets for nickels! 

We finished the night off with a nice dinner with friends.  This was the only shot of the front of the dress, with its cute little anchor buttons.  I picked up the dress in Shibuya last summer at Zara--pretty much the only affordable place in that neighborhood.  Nautical style was everywhere, so there were lots of tempting pieces.  I still sort of regret not buying an oversized T-shirt with a huge anchor.
Lucy & me

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