Sunday, July 26, 2009


Tonight we took advantage of Madison Restaurant Week and had dinner at fresco for a great price (I'll post pictures of the meal later). When we left, I had Matt snap a picture not unlike one he took of me on Valentine's Day, the first time we went to fresco. They are both on the steps from fresco to the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art.

navy shirt-dress, Forever 21

belt, shoes, and feather pin, thrifted
bag, Etsy

(click photo to enlarge)


Today's outfit included a lot of new summery thrifting finds, which I will share here as well.

shoes and belt (same from photo above), thrifted, $2.65 and $0.99 respectively
pleated wool skirt, Good Style Shop, $5

tassel necklace, Good Style Shop, $10
leaf necklace, thrifted, $1.99
feather pin (same from photo above), thrifted, $1.99

Also, here are a few snippets of wintery finds that I picked up for a good price. Yes, that is a fur collar you see, but I don't feel so bad since it's second-hand. The coat is also in pristine condition, so it was hard to resist. Then, below is the interesting collar and scarf of a gorgeous, albeit slightly smelly and holey, 60's Italian virgin wool dress. It fits like a dream, so there's a lot of potential to be had--once I sort out the stink and the holes.

3/4-length coat, thrifted, $14

wool dress, thrifted, $6

Finally, possibly the best find lately, a set of iced tea spoons from the great Atomic Interiors in Madison. I know iced tea spoons seem like an unnecessary purchase, but I really do love my iced tea. Plus, these are amazing.

"Ebony Elegance" Iced Tea Spoons

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