Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Yesterday, we spent a good part of the afternoon thrifting at our favorite local consignment store, Carousel. I think this brooch makes my coat seem prettier and a bit more vintage.

circle brooch, $1

Ollie explores my new hatbox

hatbox, $4

I found myself suddenly wanting a hatbox this week and was fortunate enough to find this cute one. I was also fortunate enough to discover a reason to buy it: to hold my embroidery hoops and fabrics for projects.

Our main purpose for going to the store was to find new old frames for some sketches we had from artists at ComicCon back in 2006 and some postcards that Matt got for Christmas last year. We're finally getting them ready to hang.

frames, $1-$4 each
art (clockwise from top left): Anders Nilsen,
Jordan Crane (sketch and postcard),
Sammy Harkham, Souther Salazar

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