Wednesday, December 23, 2009

fresco fives

fresco is a great Food Fight restaurant that I've posted about before. It's on the top floor of the Madison MoCA and has a great view, especially when the surrounding rooftops are snowy like they were last weekend. We have been meaning for some time to catch fresco's $5 late-night menu and now we've been there two weekends in a row.

fresh pear martini

pomegranate-ginger champagne cocktail

midnight breakfast sandwich: shaved ham, poached egg, gruyere, parmesan mornay sauce, and microgreens on a croissant

fresco "sexy fries" with ketchup and chipotle mayo

pumpkin bread pudding with maple-nut ice cream

The "5ives" run Monday-Thursday 9-11 and Friday-Saturday 10-12. The atmosphere can be dressy or casual and it's not been overly busy either time we've been there. Everything that we have ordered has been great. Nothing is particularly sexy about the "sexy fries", but they are tasty. I really enjoyed the bread pudding though I usually am not crazy about bread puddings. Not shown are the creme brulee or the buttermilk beignets, but both are excellent. The breakfast sandwich is hands down a favorite--I would order it every time. fresco is a great value for late-night food (that I would eat any time of day if I could).

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