Monday, January 4, 2010

This year, Matt and I took on the challenge of making terrariums (terraria?) as Christmas gifts.

We've been collecting small- to medium-sized jars and bottles for months. Unfortunately, this cute syrup bottle is proving to be a poor environment for a terrarium. It's not doing well.

We regularly scour the local antique store for the tiniest of figurines. This kitten is only about an inch long.

To make a terrarium, you'll need:

gravel (fishbowl style)
gardening charcoal
potting soil
small plants (we used baby's tears, any moss-like plant would do)

spray paint (if you want to cover writing on the lid)

Layer 1-2 inches of rocks then 1-1 1/2 inches of charcoal, depending on how big the jar is. Fill to about halfway with potting soil, then tear off a chunk of baby's tears with roots attached. Lay plants roots-down on soil and water lightly. You should be able to keep your terrarium closed, but if things get a bit misty, then take off the lid for awhile. If things get dry add a little sprinkle of water.

These are some helpful sites that give more details than I did:

These are some succulent plantings we made as well. Use a wide-mouthed jar and don't cover the top if you use cacti.

Here's a great tutorial on succulent terrariums:

Good luck!


  1. so sorry. i'm always disappointed when my plants don't make it.