Wednesday, January 6, 2010

best nachos ever

I am always excited to make it to my parents' town, especially when the trip includes a visit to the ever-delicious San Pedro Cafe (which it does nearly every time!). Their menu boasts many Caribbean dishes that I might like to try, but we rarely order anything but their chicken and duck nachos--one of each, please!

In my mind, the greatest feature of these so-called appetizers is the zesty lemon habanero aioli. It is really quite spicy, but my dad always orders an extra side of the sauce! The fresh salsas on each type of nacho are as delicious as they are different. There must be at least 3 avocados in the chicken nacho's thick guacamole-like "avocado salsa". The sweet fruity salsa on the duck nacho is a refreshing complement to the salty smoked duck strips.

smoked duck nachos with mozzerella cheese, pico de gallo, tropical-mango salsa, and lemon habanero aioli

smoked chicken nachos with cheddar, pico de gallo, avocado salsa, and lemon habanero aioli

If you're in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area, check out San Pedro!

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