Friday, January 8, 2010

our walls

Today Matt picked up my other birthday present--he bought me a Charley Harper lithograph and my mother-in-law had it framed for me. I've been leaving the area above our couch open for just the right print and I'm sure this mid-century nature illustration is it.

Vigilant Vireos by Charley Harper

While I'm posting wall hangings, I thought I'd include some pieces we've put up in the last six months around the house.

Our Living Room

It's so lovely to have our friends' artwork hanging in our home. One of the first pieces from a friend was this bright screen print by Kansas friend Justin Marable. How nice of the Marables to give us this piece before we moved north.

Our Kitchen

In May we picked up this piece from our friend Sarah's fantastic senior art show. It is a piece of handmade paper colored with Iowa soil and grass seed placed within the paper to create words. She watered and cultivated each of her pieces and luckily our grass dried with the pretty green color intact.

"dwell" from Sarah Henson

I picked up this beast of a kitchen gadget at our favorite local consignment store. It only holds plastic wrap and some ancient wax paper right now because it's proving difficult to find foil and paper towels that fit. I still think it's great.

Our Dining Room

A small collection of sketches done by comic artists at Comic Con '07.

clockwise from top: sketches by Sammy Harkham, Souther Salazar, Jordan Crane, and Anders Nilsen

Jordan Crane postcard

I did not include several other dining room hangings--it definitely has the most heavily-laden walls in the house.

Our little house is really feeling like a home.


  1. hi this is jenny, your home looks cute cute cute, and that jordan crane 'i am secretly lost' print is like one of my favorite things ever, I still kick myself for not splurging on the large print when i could afford it.

  2. thanks! yeah, the postcards were a much less expensive but adequate substitution for a full-sized print. we could never decide on just one anyway.